Chameleon’s CORE

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“ Death ” is usually defined as the end of one’s life. Whereas in some cultures, people believe that it is the beginning of a new journey. Considering virtual lives on social networks, new avatars emerge all the time. Meanwhile, some virtual profiles could be deactivated and abandoned at any second. Therefore, the identities of those individuals are becoming more and more complex, confusing and unreliable. At times, we could not be sure who we are interacting with in this virtual boundary. There is a particular concept in the Tibetan Buddhism, called “Bardo” that describe a sequence of transitional states through which the individual passes through between death and rebirth. Could we possibly say that this idea also apply to the selves and identities of people on cyberspace?

This installation art portrays these ideas via a series of 19 edge-lit acrylic sheets with pre-programmed RGB LED strips hidden beneath. The image of human body’s cross-section is engraved on each sheet. Once the LED strips are fully illuminated, the installation reveals a full body of a man floating in a transparent coffin which is re-interpreted as a space where one’s life ends and another life begins.


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" Chameleon's CORE " Rev. 01

Documentation Video :

Chameleon's CORE Rev. 01 : Documentation Video from Wuttin CHANSATABOOT on Vimeo.

Installation View :