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[on-going project]

Life is naturally chaotic. Nonetheless, things are always shaped and forces to fit different frames in various contexts. We try to put things in order, make them neat and tidy. Definitely, constructing and revealing one’s self or identity in each situation is not an exception. It is only a combination of well-organized selected details of us that represent who we are in different times and spaces. However, in the age we live in, it is getting more complicated.

“Deframe : Reframe” is a multimedia installation that portray identity crisis in post-digital era where our perceptions about everything are heavily influenced, driven and governed by social network’s algorithm and virtual interaction. Anything that used to be parts of ourselves had been smashed into unidentified fragments of data which are then carefully chosen and rearranged within the blank frames provided in virtual space. Based on whatever we put into those frames, those selective fragments of us are consequently augmented and combined with what generated by artificial intelligence embedded in the realm of social network. It might be true to say that these altered facts and hybridity of information are shaping the way we perceive reality and truth. We are getting away from what exist in physical space. We judge and form our opinions about the world and other people depending on what we see on flat screen. The authentic “real” is being replaced by series of codes containing “one” and “zero”.

[ More info is coming soon.]

" Deframe : Reframe " (on-going project)

Diagram and Installation Views :