Difference Part-01

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A shot film made to be screened as part of the grand opening event of Sleeper One (Kriangkrai Wongwanich)’s “Difference”, first album with Sanamluang Music. The film based on a short story written by Narawut Chaichompoo. The story is about a man and a woman who lives in different lifestyles and doesn’t relate to each other in any aspect, but has the same goal to commit suicide. With such intention that lead both of them to trapped in an unusal situation.

Since the buit-in camera of the N90 could not produce a large video image to fill cinema-size screen used in the event, I decided to have two frames on the screen instead of blowing up just one video image to fill the large screen. I thought this idea would properly fitted with the story line as well.

Every single shot was recorded by Nokia N90’s built-in camera. To visualise the concept depicted in the short story,at times, I tried to use one camera to produce the images that appeared as if there were two of them used in shooting process at the same time. A custom handmade adaptor was used in order to attach the camera(phone) to a tripot.