Light B[L]ender

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The initial idea of this project emerged while I was in a kitchen, wondering if light could be torn or separated apart, even mixed together as you can do with apple orange pineapple or vegetable in a blender which you might find one in your cupboard.

Ideally, I intended to make a cubical structure with semi transparent material which I could project video image from internal space of the structure onto 4 vertical planes around the cube so that it would be visible from outside the structure.

Eventually, I ended up with a simple structure with only two projectable planes. Two sheets of metal coated board(instead of mirror) were used in order to reflect video image from a projector onto tracing paper. A static one is on the floor(the same level as a projector) whilst the other one attached to a rotating motor was hung above.

a series of still images moving horizontally, the set of images was manipulated in After Effect so that it looked like a blurry moving panoramic landscape.

Documentation Video