Mind Trap

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This installation portrays a state of mind when one is being obsessed with unpleasant feeling.

The video image which is projected onto a sheet of tracing paper, shows a top view of a gerbil surrounded by invisible walls. You will also see a white simple graphical shape and 2 texts(one is readable as normal, whereas, another one is flipped horizontally) on the floor. Observing the images from both sides of the screen, it might seems like both images are exactly the same. Somehow, the only one noticeable difference is the horizontally-flipped text on each side(EXIT or ENTRANCE). You will see the gerbil are struggling to get out of the unidentified space for a while, it then get through a black square area in the middle of the floor which looks like a hole to another side of the sheet. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that the poor gerbil would never find the real EXIT or ENTRANCE to any new experiences.

Documentation video

Original video