Perpetual Pilgrimage

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Evolved from John Locke’s theory of personal identity overtime and Jacque Lacan’s concept of “Mirror Stage”, this particularly work, “Perpetual Pilgrimage” is a multimedia installation exploring the notion of self-awareness in a similar demeanour to Buddhism’s walking meditation. Stepping through each section of a tunnel-like structure, the proximity sensors hidden in the ceiling activate relays (electrical switch) to turn each red LED light strip on and off at different tempos. Simultaneously, the image of an audience being captured by a camera is fed through “Live Video Delay” application. Then, the delayed video image generated by the application is projected onto the rear projection screen at the end of the tunnel, in front of the audience. Theoretically, the lagged images repetitively appear within themselves eternally. Seeing the image on the screen, it is analogous to witnessing a digital chronicle of oneself, taking an endless journey through the tunnel to an unknown destination.


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" Perpetual Pilgrimage "

Installation View :