Time Reverb

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“I am the owner of my karma. I inherit my karma. I am born of my karma. I am related to my karma. I live supported by my karma. Whatever karma I create, whether good or evil, that I shall inherit.”

The Buddha statement in the Upajjhatthana Sutta (AN 5.57)

Inspired by Droste effect and MC Escher's work, the Buddhist belief in Theory of Karma is conveyed via digital tools creating this simple installation to explore a relationship/interaction between Karma(action) and Karmaphala(result) by generating a series of delayed video signal.

In order to do so, live video image of the monitor and ticking alarm clock captured by the camera was continuously fed through a particular application running on a mac mini. Then, a series of repetitive 5-second delayed video which infinitely repeated itself within itself, appeared on the monitor as a trompe l'oeil-like image.

Documentation Video :
video below shows how it works